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It starts here…

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Hi ya!

Welcome to I ♥ 9ja O Wan bé!

A friend had once told me that a man’s strongest weapon are his ideas. With this blog I intend to share with you, not just my thoughts and ideas but things of interest that could, would, and should ignite your own ideas and inspire your event or wedding. I will talk about trendy ways to manipulate colours. Thank God for COLOUR BLOCKING! no more colour matching! Woohoo! I have always been an advocate of colour “mis-marching,” as I call it. 😀

Bridal fashion is so important, one has to know what compliments all body shapes and sizes.

I am a firm beilever that the calligraphy (your invitation and stationery) says a lot about who you are, your spouse,  your individual styles, a preferred or selected theme for any wedding or event.

The appropriate hair, make up, beauty etiquettes, bridal etiquette it shall be spoken of in this blog.

Money! Budgeting! Do-It-Yourself, (if you really have to). In these “coat cutting to size economy”, budgeting your wedding or event is a big MUST DO. No matter how many wads of $100 bills you use to wipe off your sweat or your pink and blue diamond encrusted Brazilian weaves you have on, or your limited edition, custom made Swarovski crystal studded shoes you have, or the Gulf Stream G6 you have parked in front of your house; you must learn to budget. There are a good number of budget minded vendors out there that would be all to glad to work with you and work within your budget. I will point them out to you.

I will also be making references to my friends (Yayy!) who are in the events industry, vendors with blogs and links, and various businesses that are not necessarily related to the wedding and special events industry.

Your questions, enquiries, and comments will warm my heart, because they are most welcomed, and I in return, would endeavour to reply.

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So, with that said, click away and enjoy. 😉 ♥ J!