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RE: Purple’s Delight

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Hello every one!

Thank you all for your comments on last week’s post. I truly, appreciate them. 

This week, I’m responding to some emails and text messages, in regards to the purple and orange colour combinations.  I remember vividly, a friend that had read the blog, sent a text saying that she wasn’t so sure about the purple and orange, though purple happens to be one of her favourite colours.

I  want to coax her mind and other skeptics, into understanding the beautiful combination with these two colours. So, here are some pictures and how both colours can be mixed. 

In the above picture we have, Cheryl Cole to the left, Kim Kardashian in the middle and Jessica Alba to the right. These lovely ladies are colour blocking in purple and orange.

Please notice how Cheryl Cole and Kim K, accessorised their outfits with a pastel blue belt and turquoise blue sandals.  Jessica Alba played it simple with nude coloured shoes with gold accessories.

Ok let me, bring it closer to home soil.

This lovely outfit is from a Nigerian based Fashion designer, Ophelia Parlewho was kind enough to give me some pictures to help explain the purple and orange combination whilst using ankara fabric.

Thank You Molly B! :*

Aside from the purple chiffon fabric, that is accented with gold embroidery, the ankara skirting has purple, orange and yellow accents, all helping to make the purple pop!

In the next picture is another creation by Ophelia Parle. The different colour palette on the maxi skirt almost matches the same purple colour palette I put up last week. LOL!

The differences are the lilac, blue and red. Lol!

Here are some centre pieces in purple and orange that should be able to convince any unbeliever of purple and orange.

So, there you have it, Purple and Orange. Lol!

Up next, by request, Green and Yellow.

♥ J!

Purple’s Delight

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In my last post, I spoke about mother’s day. I don’t know if anyone noticed the shades of pink that was involved in the inspiration board? Hmm…I guess not. Not to worry, I’ll refer to it soon.  I also mentioned in my last post that I was going to talk about the love of Purple by two friends of mine. i have come to appreciate the colour now more than ever before. So, I here by dedicate this post to my dear friends “FahLily” and “Mizez Smalls”, the true lovers of Purple’s Delight!

So let’s start with a brief story of Purple.

Once upon a time, there were 3 prominent families of the Primary Colours Kingdom, far far way. The families were Red, Yellow and Blue.  They were the great descendants of White and Black. One day, the families of Red and Blue decided to arrange the marriages of both their children, Lady Redd and Sir Blu. Lady Redd and Sir Blu had beautiful PURPLE children. 

Now, Lady Magenta (Lady Redd’s Dark twin sister), was Sir Blu’s secret lover, however she was banished to live in a tower by their father, The Duke of Red because she was pregnant with Sir Blu’s babies!

Lol! I’m sure everyone is probably laughing their heads off, but I do hope you understand the theory behind the story, with the colour palettes to give a clearer understanding of the different hues that can be generated from combination of red and blue, and blue with magenta. I will talk about magenta another day, promise. But right now, it’s all about PURPLE!

In Nigeria, when you are told that the colour of the day for an event is Purple, its majorly associated with gold or silver. Purple is categorised and associated with royalty, nobility, death, Lent, Easter, Mardi Gras, upper class, poison, friendship,  passion, wisdom, rage, sympathy, wealth, sophistication etc.

With the above Purple colour palette, those shades of purple are usually confused as shades of red and pink. Trust me, I didn’t know either until I researched it. FYI, there is no burgundy in that family of magenta and blue purple, burgundy IS NOT related wine. They look alike, but don’t share the same combinations. In that family they have, mauve (which could also be called sangria), plum, wisteria, iris, wine, lilac, lavender, and indigo. Where’s violet I hear someone ask. It’s the last bottom box to the right in the colour palette of red and blue purple.

I also went searching for colours that could be mixed with all the shades of the purple family and I ended up registering to a colour lovers community called COLOURLovers, lol. I also found a blog with colour theories that helps with deriving colour themes from fabrics and general surroundings.

Now here are some purple shades mixed with OTHER colours other than the usual, gold, silver, and lilac.

I love this combo! Notice the difference in the shades of purple? See this inspiration board below.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, purple and orange are lovely together! 

Wow! With all these colours popping everywhere I’m excited! Here is a link to the Knots wedding site, where i played around with purple pictures for a clients inspiration board.

I do hope you like these colour combos.  I’d love to hear from you soon. *kisses* and have a lovely week.

♥ J!

Rainy Mother’s Day Weekend!

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Its raining season people. Time to dust off the rain coats, rain boots, and umbrellas! Lol!

How was your last week and Mother’s Day weekend? My week was hard. However, my Mother’s Day weekend was delightfully quiet, my loving “mommy” is away on vacay, so I did miss her a lot. But, I made the best of it, even with the rains, I was still cheerful and thankful for my mum.

So I have decided to dedicate this pinky gooey Mother’s day inspiration board to all my friends, and family that don’t have their “Mommy’s” around to enjoy this day and every other day, with them. 

Happy mother’s Day!

♥ J!

PS > in my next post i’m going talk about two friends and their obsession with the colour Purple and how it can inculpurated in their wedding decor. kisses!

PPS >> Lol! if you (or any one you know) have/has any questions about certain colour combinations please feel free to either mention me on twitter @dewsofkeziah or post it up on my facebook wall at . i’d be more than happy to help trash out the colour issue with you.

Zesty Tangerine

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My apologises for this topic coming in a bit late. but its better late than never, right> LOL! Anyway, I found out in March, as fashion week was rounding up, that the Pantone Colour for 2012 is “Tangerine”!

What is the colour of Tangerine?

Well, I’m sure we have figured out it is not the fruit I am speaking of, no. Tangerine is part of the Orange colour family. It’s a deep shade of orange, reddish orange as some would like to describe it.

So I got curious and went investgating on which colours are the members of the orange family, and here are some of my results. one is the  colour palette which I made above and other I found which is hues of Aqua which can be combined with Tangerine hues.


In lame Nigerian lame man terms, that best way to describe this “Zesty Orange”, is to say it as “Fanta Orange.” I lie? Lol!

Here is an inspiration board I found, that has Tangerine Tango with Hot Pink and Lemon Yellow, making all the colours POP!. Check it out.


♥ J!