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Happy Easter, Resurrection Sunday!!

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Hola mi amigos!

Happy Easter, Resurrection Sunday!!

The post I promised of the baby shower, didn’t work out as planned. What happened? I forgot to take pictures. 😀

However, today is Easter Sunday, and Church service was a Blast!!! In case you are wondering what church i attend, it is The Common Wealth of Zion Assembly, COZA. 

So here is my small Easter message to everyone, dont get it twisted, I am in LOVE with Jesus, I am in LOVE with God and that makes me a full fledge Christian.


Victorious Empty Tomb
One victorious empty tomb,
One life,
One death,
One world changed forever.

God’s power is very great for us who believe… the same as the great strength God used to raise Christ from the dead and put Him at His right side in the heavenly world. God has put Christ over all. Ephesians 1:19-21 (NCV)


Jesus Christ has defeated the grave and made a way for us to have eternal life through Him.

We Celebrate Jesus!

He died that you and your family may live. The veil was torn so that you and your family are loosed from every and any bondage. He shed his blood that you and your family are free.

Praise God for sending His Son for us. For God is for us no one can be against us through Christ Jesus.

Praise the Lord for His Victory, and our salvation on this amazing Resurrection Sunday!

He is risen! He is alive!

Glory to God! Thank you Jesus!

Have a Glorious day!

♥ ‘J!

The Marvels of…Aso Ebi Part 1

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Howdy y’all!

Welcome to the 3rd Month of 2013! Yayy!

March 15 would make it exactly a year the inspiration of this blog was given to me. The 4th of April will make the month of my first post on “I ♥ 9ja o wan be”.

This post on Aso-Ebi has been on my mind long before I began this blog. However I needed to understand the topic properly before doing a post on it.

Even though, quite a number of Nigerian blogs have done posts on the topic of Aso-Ebi’s, I would like to try it from an angle of someone who has followed friends and clients to choose their Aso-Ebi, and also as a person who has had to pay outrageous amount for them.

Aso Ebi

First, what does Aso-Ebi mean?

The meaning of Aso Ebi in English explains itself. Literally, “Aso ebi” is the Yoruba term of saying, “the clothes for the family,” or “the family’s uniform clothes.” Aso ebi is the fabric/material design or style, chosen and worn by the celebrating members of a family, for any special occasion. It serves as identification attire for its participants and their invited guests.

In recent times, aso ebi can be bought by any interested person(s) that has been invited formally to attend the occasion. So much so, that even a non-invited person may buy the aso ebi of someone else’s event because they happen to like the fabric or the colours of the fabric(I’m guilty of doing that).

The phrase, “Aso ebi” originates from the Yoruba’s, as every Nigerian would have guessed. In the last few decades, the increase of inter-tribal marriages has a lot more non-Yoruba tribes “calling Aso Ebi” for any special occasion they are celebrating, using the exact same phrase.

I would conduct an investigation among my non-yoruba friends, and find out what “Aso-Ebi” is called in their language. Hehehe…

Aso Ebi 2

Is it necessary to buy, or not to buy?

That is the question most ladies ask themselves. Sometimes, or rather most times, the price for the Aso ebi, determines whether it would be bought or not. The colour and type of fabric would later help with the final decision in the purchase of the fabric.

Personally, I am of the opinion, if you do not want to “call aso ebi”, then DON’T do it! However, if you have been coerced, bullied, prodded and manipulated by persistent family and friends, you can go ahead and do so, BUT (and that’s a big “but”), try not to get too involved with the distribution process.

Words of Advice!!!

  • When selecting your aso ebi fabric for friends, you need have the discernment for quality good fabrics (believe me, you’ll be amazed on the imitations of these fabrics in the markets), colour, style /design /patterns, and most importantly, its pocket friendliness. PS=> I didn’t say cheap stuff.
  • Don’t go selecting French, Swiss, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or Togolese laces when you know that your average friend won’t be able to afford it.
  • Creating a group on blackberry or whatsapp or Facebook with your 15 to 30 “close girlfriends,” to help you pick a fabric, will only cause you more confusions and stress. Yes I understand you would want SOME of your friends involved in your planning, but ever heard of “too many cooks spoil the soup?” I suggest you say that proverb in your native dialect, and it would sink in faster. Keep it small, you don’t need more than 2 people to guide you in making your selection.
  • When opting for Ankara fabrics, choose Ankara fabrics that have bright colours that compliment or pick your colour(s). If you’d prefer to go to an Whole sale Outlet e.g. Da-Viva, Qualitex, Excellence, Bis-Aso etc find out about discount for large quantity purchasing. If you are worried about distribution, I found out that you could always talk to one of the shop assistants into helping you. At a small price of course.

The process of getting a suitable aso ebi of your choice, and its distribution to family and friends is heart achingly stressful. I suggest you appoint a close friend or a relative or ask your planner/ coordinator if they could help with it. Ask them o! Don’t en-force it on them as part of their job description. Like a bride tried to do to me. If it is not stated in their service contract to you, please ask. Don’t be a bully client.  

This is the end of part 1, on Aso-Ebi.

Lol! Ok. I admit, this was just ranting. Loll! 😀

♥ ‘J!