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I had two top favourite clients. Lol! First were the fun-loving Chioma and Okey, 4th of August, 2012. Second were the lovely couple Bukki and Sheun David Onamusi, 29th of November and 1st of December 2012. Awesome people!

I was privileged to coordinate the traditional engagement and wedding ceremony of Bukki and Sheun David Onamusi, 29th of November and 1st of December 2012 (I must say, they were one of my favourite clients for 2012).

Well, Bukki and Sheun’s wedding, was an exquisite, breath taking event. The precise planning and concept designs were all conceived and done by the bride, whom I must say, is a very beautiful, friendly, devout Christian all through and through. The bride manages her own events planning company (BDO Dreams). They are truly a highly favoured and blessed couple. I say this boldly because everything went on smoothly, with minor hiccups.

Yes! I remember one evening; I had just gotten home from a full day of being at the atelier’s, who was making my ushers uniforms for the event, when Bukki called to pray for me. I had been ill physically, and with the wedding only a few days ahead, I refused to give in. however, my voice suffered and I lost it. She called me up and prayed for me, it was such compassionate action. God shall continue to Bless her, her husband and their families, Amen!

I later found out, almost 3months ago, that the wedding was featured in Bella Naija and in an infamous tabloid newspaper I was shocked! Moreover, Yayy Dews of Keziah!! Sadly, Bella Naija didn’t acknowledge me. 😦 (see paper featured in the picture below).

article from city ppl


However, the publication came with a few grievous blunders.

First of all, I’d like to point out errors and correct the GREAT of misinformation this tabloid paper gave.

  • “…Jumoke Abudu of Dews of Keziah made the lovely cake.”

That I DID NOT DO. Funny thing is I don’t know how to bake cakes! Lol! I mean, I Love eating them, but putting all the ingredients together and mixing it all up, you’ve lost me. Lol!

Please, if you happen to be a wedding tabloid newspaper “addict” always remember the information is always filtered to suit their purposes.


If any person that does not know me or my company, they would think that the named company at the caption coordinated the whole thing!

So, in order to have a clear conscience and to give credit to whom it is due, I will give a list names of the service provider’s that where omitted or misinformed, and services that were executed at this event.

 Full Planning, Concepts Décor Designing, and Invitation Designing – BDO Dreams

 Cakes (Traditional and Wedding Reception) – Cakes ‘n’ Cream

 Coordination of Event with ushers for both days (Traditional – pink oleku and Wedding reception – black dresses & yellow neck ties) – Dews of Keziah Events

 Décor Production (Church ceremony, Wedding Reception and stage Backdrop) – Rostal Flowers

Décor Production (Traditional) – Event Backups

 Floral Production and Arrangement (Church ceremony and Wedding Reception – centerpieces, aisle pedestals, bridal bouquet, boutonnières etc.) – Gethsemane

 Photography – Atunbi Photography

Videography – Tade Ogidan & Bisi Olatiwo Show Crew (BOS)

DJ – Sheriff

Here are a few pictures of the event. You will able to know those that were taken by the official photographer Atunbi, and those taken by my phone camera, lol! Enjoy.





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