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That Body…That Dress – Part 1

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*Singing* “Please forgive me…,” for being so absent with posts for this blog. 😦 

I got wrapped up in things that didn’t concern me. However, I’m back! And better!  I’ve got great things lined up for you my darling readers. Oi! Where do I begin…?

A great man of God preached a sermon early this year called, “Start from Where You Are.”  That sermon moved my spiritual life. So using the topic as a motivator, I’m starting from where I am!

In my last post, I said I had a real wedding feature to show you, it is ready!  I also said I would talk about knowing your body and finding that wedding dress.

Woo-hoo! Let’s Do This!

First, I’d like to mention that the 30th of October was my Birthday. Yayy! So, Happy Birthday to me 🙂 I’d like thank my all readers that sent me emails, asking what’s up with my blog and those that know me personally for sending texts and calling to find out what is going on. I really appreciate the concern. I love you all. :* :*.

Also, I’d like to quickly thank a particular reader, for her suggestion with my last post about, “What’s Your Style”. I do agree with you, it was quite lengthy, and tiring. However, despair not mi fair maiden; I will re-visit the topic and emphasise on each one, piece by piece. I also split this post into 2 lovely parts and a grand finale showcasing of wedding styles are that in vogue for 2013 and 2014 (hopefully).

Getting to Know Your Body

Miss Bride-To-Be, knowing your your body shape or type is a MUST. In fact EVERY WOMAN needs to know her body shape or type. This post isn’t restricted to brides alone o!
As a woman you need to know your body type, that is your body shape, what suits your body figure, what styles compliment your body and in some cases which fabric would help to flatter your frame.

There are various body types, so please don’t feel bad or shamed to know it. For example, my body type is the banana/ruler/rectangle. I will explain on that shortly. Here are some of the generic Body shapes and body types:

  • Apple shape or “V” type (triangle downward)
  • Banana, straight, ruler shape or “I” type (rectangular)
  • Hourglass shape or “X” type (facing in triangles, or opposing triangles)
  • Pear, spoon, bell shape or “A” type (triangle upward)

In the first part of this post, I will talk about the Hourglass, and the Banana body shapes. So, let’s begin with the Hourglass or as we Naija people call it “Figure 8.” (Shina Peters sepe sepe figure 8 just popped into my head). Lol!

The Hourglass Body Shape or the letter “X” Body Type An hourglass body shape can be described as the letter “X” body type which is also known as the facing in triangles, or opposing triangles as shown in the picture above; this is when your shoulders/bust area and your hips are almost equal in width, and you have a well-defined narrow waist.

For this body type it is best to take advantage of your well-proportioned body and defined waistline, by playing up an embellished style in bridal gown design.

Fitted gowns will do wonders to your figure by showing off your curves.

The best way to emphasize your natural beauty with an hourglass body type is to make sure the gown hugs your smaller body parts, meaning your waist.


With this figure, here are styles that will flatter your figure, they include:


Sheath dress style

A-Line / Trumpet / Ball Gown

an A-Line / Trumpet / Ball Gown style


Mermaid Dress Style


  • DO NOT wear an Empire Styled dresses. It won’t show off your slim waistline and to die for sexy figure. Always go for bridal designs that would both compliment your figure and provide you with the confidence, and poise of gorgeous appeal, that would allow you to relax, knowing that you look your very best.

WARNING: If you are Ginormous-ly endowed around the hips, and bust regions, don’t go jumping into a Mermaid style dress all in the name of “Fashion”. You have to know what style would suit and compliment your figure that would be pleasing to you and to the eyes that would have to watch you.

The Banana/Straight/Ruler Body Shape or the letter “I” Body Type

The banana body shape can be described as the letter “I” body type which is also known as the rectangular body type as shown in the pictures below.

Ruler/ Straight body types

The Banana/ Straight/ Ruler body shapes can be described as a rectangle, that is if your shoulders and hips are about the same width, and if you do not have a lot of waist definition.

Your waist measurement would be about less than 9 inches smaller than the hips or bust measurement.

Your body fat is distributed predominantly around the abdomen (tell me about it, *rolling ma eyes*), buttocks, chest, and face. This overall fat distribution creates the typical banana/ ruler (straight) shape.


  • With a banana/ straight/ ruler body type (like mine, Lol!), you’d need to create the illusion of curves. You can do this by drawing attention upwards, which is from the waist up your torso (strapless, v-neck, one shoulder) or towards the hem for example, Mermaid.
  • An empire waist will showcase the smallest part of your torso, aka Maxi Dresses.
  • You can also define your waistline with belts, sashes. Beaded details or coloured sash around the natural waistline will create definition.
Empire waist dress style

However, if you still wish to add that dramatic flair in your wedding dress style, you could look for a peplum styled wedding dress. I am a huge fan of peplums, because it hides my non existence hips and creates the false illusion of curves. Here are some wedding dresses in peplum styles:

Elizabeth Fillmore Peplum 2012.jpg


  • Halter and High Necks (aka turtle necks or neck lines that go past your collar bone). This will make shoulders look narrow and as a result will not flatter your waist
  • Sheaths dress style will make you look boxy confused fit. Remember, your body type doesn’t have a lot of hips (not bum, hips), and you’d end up looking like figure 1 hehehe!

This brings me to end of Part 1 of, “The Body…the Dress.” Watch out for Part 2 next week 😉 !

♥ J!