“L” is the Love Word: Tosin and Ogaga

Hola, mi amigos!

First all, did I produce this event in anyway?


Did I provide consultation/advice for the bride?



Their story is truly a sweet one.

They are both engineers of the same field and share the same musical and artistic passions. How fate brought them together is a tale for reckon.

Having met for the first time (just for a day) while undergoing their internship in the same company, (exchanging a ‘Got Jesus’ phone wallpaper instead of their phone numbers) and going their separate ways, they coincidentally meet again at a conference in another city exactly one year after their first meeting, and there, the friendship began.

Even though life and destiny threatened to send them on different paths, he knew what he prayed for and he knew he had found it in her, so he was willing to wait through time and distance till she eventually said ‘I do’ to him 5 years later.

Here is a little dialogue I had with the bride after the wedding.

-What were your wedding colours and why did you pick them?

Traditional: Royal blue and Silver. White wedding: Wine and Baby pink.

My mum originally picked Royal blue and Pink for the White wedding and Traditional wedding respectively, but I eventually modified her choice. You see, I really couldn’t be bothered about colours for the wedding and we had decided that we weren’t making any uniforms. But I love Wine as a colour so I decided to combine it with the pink my mum had already chosen and use the combination for the white wedding. My mum’s best colour is Royal blue, and since I dedicated my wedding to her, I let her use the colour for the traditional wedding and added silver to it.

-What did you and your spouse love about your wedding preparations?

We were mostly absent through all the preparation so the stress was generally taken off us. But the best part is that we got all the support we needed from family and friends.

-What advice can give to any of your friends and family about planning their wedding?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s always their (family’s) wedding but it will be your marriage. Don’t let the planning come between you and your fiancé. Enjoy the planning and the hassles that come with it. You’ll have only one attempt at it, so make it the best attempt. And when the day comes, never stop smiling. The worst thing to ever happen is when your pictures come and you’ll be remembered with a frown on your face.

-Who were your service providers? Photography? Videography? Wedding reception decor? Your dress and shoes? His suit amd shoes? Flowers? Cake? Caterers? Your hair and makeup?

Cake: Vero Johnson
Catering: Bride’s Mother (Complete Requirements)
Decoration: Chinyere Young
Photographer:  Arambada Durodola (Canada )
Videography: Memories (Port-Harcourt)
Make up: Dunke Odion-Omojafoh (Ibadan)
My dress: La Runa collection (Malaysia)
Shoes: Debenhams
Bouquet and Boutonneir: Mrs. Ikeliani
Church Ceremony: St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Nkpogwu Trans-Amadi
His suit & shoes: Next and Clarks
Traditional Reception Venue: Savannah Hotel, Old Aba road Port-Harcourt
Wedding Reception: Gloryland Hall, Trans Amadi, Port-Harcourt
MC: Tatafo

-What was that special moment during your wedding that you can’t stop thinking about?

My special dance with the children at the traditional wedding. We danced to Mo di bo fun Jesu by Midnight Crew. I won’t also forget so quickly the Indian dance the MC made my husband perform just to get a kiss from me at the wedding reception, it was hilarious.









Slide17By the way; the lady with the microphone, is not the MC. Lol!


I can only imagine how long, he had been waiting to kiss her. Lol!

Thanks Tostos and Ogaga. Wishing you many wonderful years together! Amen!

 ♥ J!


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